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Hanshi Mike Holmes
9th Degree Black Belt - Kyudan

Hanshi Holmes began his discipleship of the martial arts in a small dojo (practice hall)  on 2nd and Dock Streets in Wilmington, NC in 1969.  He still remembers how very small his first dojo was compared to the training facilities today.  At that time, only two instructors existed in Wilmington, Sensei Roy Jerry Hobbs and Sensei Roy Creasy.

Master Roy Jerry Hobbs, whom Hanshi Holmes studied under and is a Judan-Hanshi (Grand Master) 10th degree black belt, was teaching a traditional Japanese system of Tetsu Ken Ryu Karate.  Hobbs also offered training in Chinese and Okinawan systems.

Hanshi Holmes earned his first black belt in this Japanese system after three hard years of full contact, bare knuckle and bare footed Kumite (fighting).  One year later, after cross training in a Chinese system, he received a black belt in Hong Chung Kung-Fu or Gung Fu as some call it.

Holmes continued to study and train under Master Hobbs’ influence in Kempo, Ju-jitsu, Kobodo, and Okinawan Karate.  In 1980, while on a return visit from Japan, Hobbs once again tested and cross graded Holmes to a black belt in Okinawan Seidokan Karate. Years later he would receive a black belt in Dentokan Ju-Jitsu and a Kyoshi title in Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do, and be graded to black belt in Iaido while in Japan by Shimojo Atushi Soke.

Hanshi Holmes has had the privilege and opportunity to train with and under such Masters, as Keith James Master Sergent USMC, US Navy Seal Jody Paul, Bruce Heilman, Ricardo Emerson (Puerto Rico), Boulahfa Mimoun Abdel-Lah (Spain), Joe Dilberto (NY), and Allen Tacket 9th degree Kyudan (CA). Tacket is presently the head representative of Seidokan Karate, USA.  Hanshi Holmes has also had the privilege and opportunity to be trained by his Sensei, Col. Roy Jerry Hobbs USAF, founder and President of Kokusai Dentokan Bugei Renmei, Senior student Shigemitsu Tamaei, and Head Master Soke Shian Toma owner/founder of Seidokan Karate in Okinawa Japan.

Holmes presently holds a Hanshi (Master Grade) Kyudan Hanshi 9th degree black belt and a (menko) teaching certificate from Japan. He is authorized to teach, test and grade traditional arts.

Hanshi Holmes also believes in being involved in his community. He is a member of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, supports local sports, and participates in the Annual Leland Christmas Parade and Founders Day Festivals.

Holmes is a member of First Baptist Church of Leland, has taught Sunday School and been involved in outreach ministry. He worked for the Brunswick County Sheriff Department as a Deputy Sheriff. Holmes served as an environmental chairman for BellSouth Pioneers. He also chaired committees such as CWA-BellSouth Quality Work Life, First Chairman and charter Member of the Leland JC Chapter and was appointed by the Brunswick County Commissioners on the Cape Fear River Advisory Board at UNCW Marine Science Department.

Sensei Brandon White
5th Degree Black Belt - Go dan
Sensei Ruby Holmes
4th Degree Black Belt - Yon dan

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